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Brows frame your face and having a great shape and colour has become a must in the world of beauty.


For a natural look you can choose tint and/or shape, however if you want maximum impact for up to 8 weeks, go for Brow Lamination.

For more long lasting wow brows, choose microblading*, lasting between 12 and 18 months.




Tint and Shape

Brow Lamination & Tint

Micro Blading

Was £15 Offer £12.75

Was £10 Offer £8.50

Was £10 Offer £10

Was £25 Offer £21.50

Was £50 Offer £40.00

Was £300 Offer £225

*Microblading is an aesthetic procedure and requires your consent and medical information. Please download the .pdf file to see the form. This can be completed prior to your appointment or in salon.

Microblading Consent and Medical Form