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Dermal Fillers




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ALIAXIN® Dermal Fillers

As you get older the collagen in your face breaks down which can lead to lead to sunken areas and both shallow and deep lines. Dermal Fillers replace the collagen lost through the natural ageing process, plumping up the skin and restoring a more youthful look. 

ALIAXIN® Dermal Fillers contain a new type ultrapure of hyularonic acid which can re-volumise, contour and lift facial features. It also hydrates skin tissue leaving you with a fresh moisturised complexion. 

There are four different ALIAXIN® formulas, each formulated specifically to different areas of your face:


Aliaxin SR “Shape & Restore”

  • Ideal for dermal remodelling

  • Replenishing lost volume

  • Providing natural-looking contours

  • Suits tear troughs/temples and other broad areas

  • Suitable for sensitive areas


Aliaxin GP “Global performance”

  • For treating common facial imperfections

  • Reshaping and revolumising action

  • Correcting wrinkles, creases and folds

  • Ideal for nasolabial folds, nose, chin, lip augmentation and cheeks

Aliaxin Fillers Essential Volume

Aliaxin EV “Essential volume”

  • Suitable for contouring and reshaping

  • Restoring facial volume which depletes with ageing or weight loss

  • Optimal lifting effect


Aliaxin FL  “Fine lines”

  • Recommended for lip enhancement

  • Hydrating properties

  • Ideal viscosity for restoring fullness

  • Define vermillion border of the lips

  • Specific treatments for fine lines

Treatment Costs

SR for Undereye

EV for Cheeks  

GP for Nasolabial Lines 

GP for Marionette Lines 

GP/FL for Lips

GP/SV for Jawline

Other Areas     

from £275

from £275

from £275

from £275

from £275

from £550

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