Ammonia Free Tint

What it is:

Application of ammonia free colour (tint) to the hair. The colour we use is enriched with oil leaving you with beautifully soft and shiny hair.


Who would do it:

This is gentler on the hair than classic tint. If you are looking to change or refresh your existing colour or cover those greys but have allergies or simply do not want to use ammonia on your hair, then this is for you!


How we do it:

We apply the colour using a colour brush in methodical sections throughout the hair, paying particular attention to areas of grey/white hair or regrowth where applicable.


Maintenance Level:

MEDIUM – Depending on your colour choice, you would expect to have to redo tint between 4 and 6 weeks. If you have a lot of grey/white hair or you have gone much darker than your natural base, you may see some evidence of this sooner.




  • Roots (up to 2cm) – simply touching up the regrowth from a previous colour or covering grey/white hair.


  • Stretch (over 2cm) – Applying colour to more than 2cm of the hair, this is generally regrowth that has been left a little longer than 4 to 6 weeks or if your hair grows really quickly!


  • Full Head – all over coverage. Usually if you want to enhance or change your existing colour.


How long will it take?


Timing depends on your base colour, the final effect you want to achieve and also how quickly your hair develops with the colour. We generally let tint develop for between 35 and 45 minutes from application so you should allow between 1 ¼ and 1 ¾ hours in the salon.



Choosing a new style can be quite confusing and many people are not quite sure what is right for them. All our stylists will provide a full consultation before undertaking any service to ensure we do what is best not just for your hair, but also your colouring and face shape taking into account what you would ultimately like to achieve.


Additional Considerations/Recommendations

Even with the best products on the market, colour will affect the hair. You should consider using Smartbond to protect the bonds of the hair and get the best from your new colour.

There are also many very good nourishing and protecting products that you can use. Ask your stylist for details on what is best for you.

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