What it is:

Balayage comes from the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. This is a freehand technique allowing for bleach or colour to be strategically “painted” on to give you a natural look. It gives you a soft result and as it is blended with your natural hair, regrowth is less obvious.


Who would do it:

This is typically for people with mid to long hair. This is a great technique for a number of end results; you can choose a natural sun lightened look, use it for coverage of grey or white hair, or if you want to go bolder you can choose more high definition colours.


How we do it:

We will use one of a number of techniques depending on the style you want to achieve. This may involve back combing the hair, application using a hand-held board, foils (including kitchen foil in some cases!) or simply brushing on the bleach/colour with the colour brush. In all cases we expertly work around your natural parting and crown to ensure you get the best end result with placement throughout all of your hair.


Maintenance Level:

Low to Medium – Generally the maintenance period is simply a matter of preference. It may be that wish to come back in to simply tone the colour a little, or apply some additional colour. If you have grey or white hair, you may wish to come in more often to address the regrowth. Generally, we find clients re-do a balayage every 16 to 18 weeks.


How long will it take?

Timing depends on your base colour, the final effect you want to achieve and also how quickly your hair develops with the bleach or colour. You should expect to be in the salon for approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.



Choosing a new style can be quite confusing and many people are not quite sure what is right for them. All our stylists will provide a full consultation before undertaking any service to ensure we do what is best not just for your hair, but also your colouring and face shape taking into account what you would ultimately like to achieve.



An ombre is similar to a balayage in that it is also a freehand technique, however generally the focus is on the mid lengths and ends of the hair as opposed to placement throughout the whole head as with a balayage.


Additional Considerations/Recommendations

Even with the best products on the market, colour will affect the hair. You should consider using Smartbond to protect the bonds of the hair and get the best from your new colour.

There are also many very good nourishing and protecting products that you can use. Ask your stylist for details on what is best for you.

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