Colour Plus

What it is:

Medium weave, low density highlights with colour in between the foils


Who would do it:

This is typically for people who want their hair highlighted but also want the benefit of colour. Ideal for those who have grey or white hair but don’t want a flat all over colour or for people who simply fancy a change from their natural base.


How we do it:

Baykar London techniques are designed to our hair looks great for longer however it sits. With a Colour and Full Head, we make the highlights less dense whilst retaining the medium size weave. We then apply your chosen all over colour and place this in-between the highlighted sections.


Maintenance Level:

HIGH – As with classic highlights we would expect that they would need to be redone approximately 12 weeks after initial application HOWEVER, as you are also colouring the roots, the regrowth may be more obvious, particularly if you have grey or white hair. It would be normal to refresh the colour at about 6 weeks after application depending on the rate of hair growth.



  • Colour Plus T – applied the area closest to the crown stopping about midway down the hair shaft. Provides a more modest and natural looking colour than a full or half head of highlights or can be used to alternate between a half or full head of highlights. 


  • Colour Plus Half – applied from the hairline at the crown down to the temple of the head. Provides a relatively natural look without lightening the whole head*. Can be used to alternate with a full head.


* Extra foils can be applied to the “V” section at the back of the head if you like to tie your hair up and want to maintain a natural look.


  • Colour Plus Full – applied all over from the hairline to the nape of the neck and everywhere in between! Can transform you from a brunette to a blonde or provide a more natural look depending on colour choice.


How long will it take?

Timing depends the final effect you want to achieve and also how quickly your hair develops with the bleach/colour. Application takes a little longer than classic highlights as we are also applying colour so set aside approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours


Additional Considerations/Recommendations

Even with the best products on the market, bleach will dry out the hair. You should consider using Smartbond to protect the bonds of the hair and get the best from your new colour.

There are also many very good nourishing and protecting products that you can use. Ask your stylist for details on what is best for you.

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