Super Lights


What it is:

Fine weave, high density highlights.


Who would do it:

This is typically for people who want their hair to be significantly lighter, but don’t want to colour or bleach all over.


How we do it:

Baykar London highlighting techniques are designed to ensure your highlights work in tandem with your natural hair growth, meaning your hair looks great for longer however it sits. Super Lights are applied using a very fine weave with lots of sections resulting in a much lighter look.


Maintenance Level:

HIGH – As you are significantly lightening the hair, regrowth tends to be more obvious. This is particularly true for people with dark hair where your roots will become noticeable within a few weeks. You would normally come back for maintenance around 8 weeks after the initial service.  


How long will it take?

Timing depends the final effect you want to achieve and also how quickly your hair develops with the bleach/colour. As we apply using a fine weave, high density technique we would expect you to be in salon for between 2 ½ and 3 1/2 hours.



Choosing can be quite confusing and many people are not quite sure what is right for them. All our stylists will provide a full consultation before undertaking any service to ensure we do what is best not just for your hair, but also your colouring and face shape taking into account what you would ultimately like to achieve.


Additional Considerations/Recommendations

Even with the best products on the market, bleach will dry out the hair. You should consider using Smartbond to protect the bonds of the hair and get the best from your new colour.

There are also many very good nourishing and protecting products that you can use. Ask your stylist for details on what is best for you.

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