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Our team of professional stylists will always offer you a full consultation prior to each service. This allows us both, to understand the current condition of your hair, your face shape and your complexion. We want what you want - the best possible style for you as an individual.

There may be times when you have a particular style or colour in your mind which may not, in reality, be possible or suit you. We NEVER carry out any service that will damage your hair, or leave you feeling like you made a mistake. Which is why we can guarantee you are in safe hands.

I just had a great experience with the highlights, and I had to share! Hava was amazing, creating beautiful highlights that suited me perfectly. The staff was friendly, the salon was clean, and the attention to detail was impressive. I'm happy with the results and I would be recommending them to everyone I know. Treat yourself to their highlights and enjoy feeling fabulous! 😃


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