What it is:

Application of bleach directly onto the hair.


Who would do it:

This is typically for people who already have bleach in their hair and need the roots touching up or people who want to bleach their hair for the first time without the application of highlights. If you are looking to have some fun with bolder colours this can also be a great way to get a base for your choices.


How we do it:

We apply the bleach in fine methodical sections throughout the head as close to the roots as possible without burning the scalp. We position the sections carefully, to allow the bleach to develop evenly. Depending on the colour you wish to achieve we may apply a personalised toner to the hair.


Maintenance Level:

HIGH – As it is likely that you are quite radically changing your natural colour, regrowth will be more obvious. For light to medium natural base, you should expect to have to touch up he bleach every 4 to 6 weeks. If your natural hair is darker, the regrowth will be obvious sooner than this.




  • Roots (up to 2cm) – simply touching up the regrowth from previous bleaching


  • Stretch (over 2cm) – Applying bleach to more than 2cm of the hair, this could be regrowth from previous bleaching or a completely new application of bleach.


  • Soft Cleanse – this is a much gentler application of bleach which is done at the basin. Soft cleanse is designed to remove colour build up and lift the shade by massaging a light formation into the hair and monitoring the colour closely. This is generally the foundation for colour change as opposed to an end result.


How long will it take?

Timing depends on your base colour, the final effect you want to achieve and also how quickly your hair develops with the bleach. For Roots and Stretch applications we would expect you to be in the salon for approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours. If you are having soft cleanse this process is quicker, but if you are applying further colour your time in the salon will be increased.


Additional Considerations/Recommendations

Even with the best products on the market, bleach will dry out the hair. You should consider using Smartbond to protect the bonds of the hair and get the best from your new colour.

There are also many very good nourishing and protecting products that you can use. Ask your stylist for details on what is best for you.



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